Gitte Bog's "The Challenge"

May 30, 2012

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Gitte Bog serving her soups at the Winter Carnival

You may remember artist Gitte Bog from her tailgate project at our Winter Carnival all the way back in February. Bog spent a week at Lynden, surveying Milwaukeeans about Milwaukee and food. She then prepared two soups based on the results, Milwaukee Soup and Everybody's Favorite Vegetable Soup which she served at the Carnival.

Bog, who was born in Denmark and is currently based in Mexico City, is now embarking on a new project called The Challenge. She's asked us to pass the information along, and if you're interested in participating, you'll find a link to a survey at the bottom of this post.

Via Gitte Bog:

"The Challenge"

How many times have we rejected recipes because they contain an ingredient we don't like?
Are we missing out on new wonderful culinary experiences or do we just know with certainty that we won't like the dish because it contains that ingredient?

"The Challenge" is a two part online-project. The first part is a small survey about our least favourite food. Participants choose a ingredient they don't like and can tell a bit about why they don't like it if they wish. Our dislike can stem from a personal experience we had in relation to the ingredient or from the sensation the texture or taste give us. Sometimes, it is difficult to put a finger on why we don't like something and that is completely valid too.

The second part of the project is the actual challenge. People can visit a blog (not active yet) to see a list of ingredients that other participants dislike and send in recipes in a bid to change there mind. It can be recipes, where the ingredient is "hidden" or where it (because of the combination with other ingredients) has a different taste than usual.

The blog will be activated on Friday the 1st. of June for the opening of the exhibition "Indulge" at the Water Street Studios, Batavia, Illinois.
The project is on-going but if you like to have your ingredient included for the show it would be great if you could fill out the survey before Friday.
The blog will contain all the information participants share with me. The survey is anonymous but I can add your name to a general participants' list if you wish.

For more info on Gitte Bog, visit her website.

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