Gos Sa Mer Installation Photos

May 16, 2012

We've had artists make full use of our indoor gallery space before. Kevin Giese ran 80 ash strips from floor to ceiling in Still Living, and Stuart Cropper & Amy Morris hung large tree branches from each wall as part of Inverse. But I'd venture to say that artists Santiago Cucullu and Ester Partegàs, in preparation for their upcoming show Gos Sa Mer, are engaged in the most extensive transformation of the gallery yet. They've been working all week with assistance from Sergio Salinas, Bruce Knackert, and Patrick Kernan to realize their vision for the space. Take a look at the installation photos below for a taste of what's in store, and then join us for the Opening Reception, this Sunday, May 20, 3-5 pm. To read more about the exhibition, click here. Thanks to Craig Kroeger for the photos.




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