Winter Carnival Guest Artist Gitte Bog

January 27, 2012

Our Second Annual Winter Carnival is fast approaching, and we are excited to announce Gitte Bog as our Winter Carnival Guest Artist.

Gitte Bog is a Danish artist who lives and works in Mexico City. Her social art practice is site- and context-responsive and participatory in nature, and she thinks of it as a platform for dialogue. Bog is interested in the poetic possibilities in everyday materials, activities and places. Inspired by traditional work methods and everyday activities, hobbies and celebrations, she explores identity, memory, history, cultural differences (and similarities) and language. Singing, dancing, knitting, cooking, talking, walking and planting seeds have all found their way into her work, which takes different forms: live art, video, audio and installation. Bog finds some everyday activities simultaneously fascinating and frustrating; by resetting their rules or creating rituals of her own, she questions the authoritarian presence that often masks these benign activities. Fusion and chance are central elements in her work.

At Lynden, Bog will be creating a new food-based, site responsive project for the tailgating portion of Sara Caron and Ashley Janke's garden-wide Capture the Flag tournament.

Bog obtained her degrees in visual arts in London, where she lived for more than ten years. She has been awarded several residencies and commissions and her work is shown in galleries in Europe and the Americas. She is the co-founder of two organizations in Mexico City that offer local communities free art workshops and other cultural activities. More info:

And remember: our Second Annual Winter Carnival is Saturday, February 11, 10 am-4 pm. See you there!

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