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June 27, 2011 | Willy

Article from 'Anvil's Ring' on Dan Nauman's work at Lynden.

Dan Nauman and the bronze railing he made for Lynden (pictured above) are the subject of a four page spread in the Anvil's Ring, a magazine published by the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA). For more information, click here.

June 25, 2011 | Polly

On Friday I travelled down to Chicago with David Ravel of Alverno Presents (our partner in presenting Eiko & Koma here at Lynden on July 23 to see Eiko & Koma performing in the gallery at the MCA as part of their exhibition there, "Time is Not Even, Space is Not Empty."

The two dancers perform within an installation that they have designed for the entire time the gallery is open on a given day. On Friday, they lay on what looks like a heap of detritus--rocks, feathers, sand--not much larger than a large bed, their bodies covered with white paint and stray marks, and ebbed and flowed for five hours. The space is silent, except for the occasional video soundtrack drifting in from another gallery and a sound like sandpaper as visitors walk in and out of the small room. The lighting changes, sometimes warming one body and cooling the other, occasionally evoking a sunrise as the paper walls of the installation are illuminated. Eiko & Koma's slow folding and unfolding, reaching out and turning away, brings to mind Samuel Beckett, the activities of larvae; but more importantly it allows one to focus intensely on the form of the human body--these two human bodies--as they move very, very slowly, dissolving and recomposing in the changing light. Time falls away in the presence of their deliberate, concentrated movements; thoughts roam (death? the end of humankind? will Eiko's foot blindly find its way to Koma's thigh, and will that signify hope, redemption?); vision blurs in this hallucinatory space.

Eiko & Koma will be performing periodically during the run of their MCA exhibition, and I urge you to go and see them, and to see the exhibition itself, which includes lots of documentary material, video, costumes and other objects from their long performing career. Seeing them in the gallery will be very different from seeing them at Lynden, but it will provide context and you will not soon forget it. And if you can't make it to our performance at Lynden, try to get to Chicago during one of their performance visits--they are doing several projects (the complete performance schedule is at the link above).

We have a copy of the catalogue produced by the Walker Art Center available in our porch reading room area, too.

Hope to see you on July 23!

June 21, 2011 | Willy

2003 Nohl Fellow Dick Blau is a contributor to a new book on real mothers in contemporary art.

June 21, 2011 | Willy

Everyone will be relieved to know that the injured goose has finally been captured (thank you, Weston and Bob) and taken to the humane society.

June 15, 2011 | Willy

2007 Nohl Fellow and recent Suitcase Export Award recipient Faythe Levine looks back over her 10 years in Milwaukee. Read it over on her blog.

June 13, 2011 | Willy

Thanks to the efforts of Sergio Salinas, our Facilities and Sculpture Manager, Twist for Max, Bernard Kirschenbaum's 1974 sculpture is back on the grounds. Take a look in the picture below, then come to Lynden and see it in person!


June 11, 2011 | Willy

Tireless arts blogger and former Inside/Outside artist Eddee Daniel was at the garden this past week to get a sneak preview of the upcoming Inside/Outside: Amy Cropper + Stuart Morris exhibition, Inverse. Head over to Eddee's blog Arts Without Borders for a sneak preview of the show, including some behind-the-scenes installation photos.

Inverse opens tomorrow, Sunday, June 12, with a free reception from 3-5 pm. For more information about the exhibition, click here.

June 10, 2011 | Willy

Lauren Weinberg of Time Out Chicago visits Milwaukee and discovers the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Click here to read the article.

June 8, 2011 | Willy

On July 23, Lynden and Alverno Presents welcome Eiko & Koma to the Sculpture Garden for a performance of their piece, Raven, followed by a picnic. Beginning today, we're offering a pre-sale of discounted tickets for Lynden Members. These tickets are $12.75 (full price is $15.00). Download the order form here to order tickets and picnics. For more info on Eiko & Koma: Raven, click here.

Below, watch a video of Eiko & Koma at Lynden in preparation for their performance:

June 6, 2011 | Willy

Artists Amy Cropper and Stuart Morris doing some stone wrangling in preparation for their upcoming Inside/Outside exhibition, Inverse.

Senior Grounds Manager Bob Retko assists.


Inverse opens this Sunday, June 12, with a reception from 3-5 pm. For more info, click here.


Bonus: branch wrangling!

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