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Director's Note 10/1/12

October 1, 2012

Fall has brought not only spectacular color (and I know we’ve all worried about this after the summer drought) and some glorious late-blooming flowers (did you see the crocuses?) to our doorstep, but

Director's Note 2/1/19

February 1, 2019

Our thoughts were naturally full of winter in the lead-up to the Winter Carnival, and we were grateful for all the snow.

Director's Note 1/1/19

January 1, 2019

It is 2019, the air is filled with diminutive snowflakes, and Lynden is open for another year. I can see Floyd, our semi-resident canine, following Kyle across the grounds, bushy tail swinging.

Director's Note 12/1/18

December 1, 2018

Welcome to November in December, which is fitting enough after December in November. It’s grey and wet outside.

Director's Note 11/1/18

November 1, 2018

Time, seasonal time, has been winding and unwinding these past several days. I headed to the East Coast at the end of last week, where fall, according to the trees, is just beginning.

Director's Note 10/1/18

October 1, 2018

About a week ago, as yellow began to spread through the foliage, I began to wonder whether the yellow was ascending or descending. These thoughts filled many drives between Lynden and elsewhere.

Director's Note 9/1/18

September 1, 2018

Now that the mini-lakes on the lawn have temporarily subsided, and internet service has been restored following last Sunday night’s storm, my eye is drawn to the seemingly uniform expanses of green on

Director's Note 8/1/18

August 1, 2018

We’re catching our breath. Sending thank you notes, paying bills, walking the grounds to site a sculpture, talking to our arborists about failing ash trees, Japanese beetles, and errant limbs.

Director's Note 7/1/18

July 1, 2018

The high period of Call & Response is underway.

Director's Note 6/1/18

June 1, 2018

June snuck up on us, its advent lost in one of those momentarily confusing changes of weather.

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