Winter Carnival

February 26, 2011 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Free to members or with admission to the sculpture garden. Family passes are $15 in advance (call 414.446.8794) or $20 at the door.

Lynden welcomes winter with a day of outdoor art-making, studio activities, tours and tree-walks, ice skating and more. Artist and Green Gallery co-proprietor John Riepenhoff organizes YouSnow, a juried outdoor sculpture competition, and The Pond Is Our Canvas, a collaborative piece for all ages. Shana McCaw & Brent Budsberg complete their Outside project. Watch or participate on foot, skis, snowshoes or skates (bring your own).

Stick around after the carnival for the opening of Inside/Outside: Shana McCaw + Brent Budsberg (4:30-6:30 pm).

Keep checking this web page—more information to come!


(Red indicates a drop-in activity.)

10 am-12 noon Five-Headed Finger Puppets
11 am Trees in the Landscape: Darlene Lochbihler introduces Lynden's trees
11 am-2 pm Join a YouSnow outdoor sculpture project
12-2 pm Tracks in the Snow
1 pm Docent-led tour of the sculpture garden
1 pm-3 pm The Pond is Our Canvas
2 pm-4 pm Dip Candles
3:30 pm YouSnow prizes awarded
4:30-6:30 pm Inside/Outside: Shana McCaw + Brent Budsberg Opening Reception

We will also be screening Sarah Buccheri's Antarctic Territory, 2004 (16mm to digital video, 5 min., 2008) throughout the day in the conference room.

Tours at 11 am and 1 pm will be on foot only if the snow isn't too deep; otherwise, bring your snowshoes or cross-country skis.


Milwaukeeans are no strangers to snow. It divides the year and provides a stark contrast between seasons. Snow is also a material for sculpture, more fleeting than bronze or stone or wood, but malleable and perfect—weather permitting--for extemporaneous expression. Snow sculpture has a long history: from anthropomorphic snowmen to snow angels and elaborate constructions carved into blocks of compressed snow.

For YouSnow, an invitational juried competition devised by artist and Green Gallery co-proprietor John Riepenhoff, we are particularly interested in the way we measure ourselves in snow. According to Wikipedia, the first representation of a snowman to be documented appears in the margins of a 14th century Book of Hours. How, seven centuries later, do we measure ourselves in snow? YouSnow asks artists to create a new measure of themselves in snow: part or whole, single or multiple. Projects may be additive or subtractive, abstract or representational, conceptual or literal. Materials will be biodegradable and technology will be very simple: snow, hands, shovels.

Participating artists include Richard Galling, Sara Caron, Santiago Cucullu & Colin Matthes, Katie Kraft, Amanda Tollefson, Mia Pergl, Jade Pergl & Will Pergl, Alec Regan & Oliver Sweet, Cody Frei & Ben Miller (as the 62nd Dimension) and Roy Staab. Artists will undertake solo and collaborative projects, as well as projects that invite public participation. Participatory projects will be marked with special flags, so you’ll know where you can join in—for instance, the 62nd Dimension will be creating and sharing snow doughnuts that you may embellish and perhaps consume. Prizes will be awarded at 3:30 pm by Paul Druecke, Emilia Layden and Steve Wetzel.

The Pond Is Our Canvas

Artists of all ages are invited to participate in this collaborative project. Using non-toxic food coloring, we will be making a large-scale painting on the little pond. Stop by anytime between 1pm and 3 pm and pick up a watering can!

Trees in the Landscape

Master Gardener Darlene Lochbihler will be joined by Jason Housworth, certified arborist with The Davey Tree Expert Company and Lynden's own Bob Retko for a talk and tour that focuses on trees in the winter landscape. The tour will begin on the patio, where your guides will discuss the history, placement and architecture of some of Lynden's major trees. (Hint: dynamite figures in some of these stories.) The tour will then loop around the lake where you will identify some of the unusual trees at Lynden (Shagbark Hickory, European Beech, Amelanchier or serviceberry, Bald Cypress, Dawn Redwood and more) while discussing how the texture, color and forms of trees can enhance the landscape in the winter months. Bring your questions for the tree experts!

Studio Art Activities

These activities are designed as drop-ins and are open to all ages (young children may need parental assistance).

10 am–12 pm: Five-Headed Finger Puppets

Gather up your orphaned gloves and make them into wintry finger puppets—each glove an entire puppet cast! Don’t worry, we’ll have a pile of recycled gloves available, too.

12-2 pm: Tracks in the Snow

Learn to identify animals from their tracks. Try a printmaking project built around the tracks left in the snow by the creatures that make Lynden their winter home.

2-4 pm: Dip Candles

Make candles the old-fashioned way, by dipping a string in wax.



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