Summer Camps at the Intersection of Art & Nature 2019

Lynden’s art and nature camps for children aged 20 months to 15 years integrate our collection of monumental outdoor sculpture and temporary installations with the natural ecology of our hidden landscapes and unique habitats. Led by artists, naturalists, and art educators, the camps explore the intersection of art and nature through collaborative inquiry and hands-on artmaking, using all of Lynden's 40 acres to create a joyful, all-senses-engaged outdoor experience.

Camps are organized around themes--from metamorphosis to webs--and introduce a range of imaginative experiences, materials, and tools. Working on projects individually and as a team, we'll be raising butterflies, building rafts to float across the pond, and recording our discoveries in prints, collages, and sculptures. Whether we are exploring environmental adaptation or the physics of flotation, digging in the vegetable garden or carving handles for our knives, our focus is on cultivating creativity and an appreciation of process. Most camps conclude with an informal showing for family and friends.

Join us for a summer of art and nature!

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Jeremy Stepien, Director of Education

Camps in green are almost full and registration has been switched to phone only. Camps in red are full; contact Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
Dates Time Camp Ages
June 10-12 9-11 am Forest Friends 20 mos.-4 years
June 17-21 9 am-4 pm Metamorphosis, Growth, Change 6-11
June 24-28 9 am-4 pm Whittlers: Wood Culture 10-15
July 1-3 9 am-4 pm Shared Spaces 6-11
July 8-12 9 am-4 pm Writers in the Garden 10-15
July 15-19 9 am-4 pm Pond Voyage 6-11
July 22-26 9 am-4 pm Pathways 6-11
August 5-9 9 am-12 pm Nature's Kitchen 4-6
August 12-16 9 am-4 pm Nets + Webs 6-11
August 19-23 9-11:30 am Les Artistes 5-7
August 26-28 9 am-12 pm Sea & Sky 4-6


Forest Friends: A Camp for Very Small Children (and Their Adults) | 3 Mornings

June 10-12 | 9-11 am
Ages 20 months-4 years.
$96/$85 members (one adult and one child). Additional child: $50.

We’ll make a daily journey to Lynden’s woodland play space to balance, build, and watch for the creatures that inhabit the back acres. Each morning includes outdoor play, story time, and hands-on artmaking.

Nature's Kitchen | 5 Mornings

August 5-9 | 9 am-12 pm
Ages 4-6

$160/$140 members

Registration for this camp is closed. Contact
Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
Where does food come from? What does it taste, smell, and feel like? Spend time in Lynden’s vegetable garden, prepare “meals” for Lynden’s animals in the play scape “kitchen,” and make clay bowls with artist LaNia Sproles to hold the garden harvest for our culminating picnic.

Les Artistes | 5 Mornings

In collaboration with the Alliance Franḉaise de Milwaukee.
Register at or call 414-964-3855.
August 19-23 | 9-11:30 am
Ages 5-7

Immerse your child in the world of art and the French language, taught by a native French speaker. Enjoy creating art projects inspired by French songs and stories while making new friends and acquiring new concepts of the world through language. No French experience necessary, but all levels welcome.

Sea & Sky | 3 Mornings

August 26-28 | 9 am-12 pm
Ages 4-6
$96/$85 members

Registration for this camp is closed. Contact
Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
Fly above the sculptures and swim beneath the water lilies in a series of games, stories, and hands-on projects with clay, collage, and paint.


Metamorphosis, Growth, Change | 5 Days

June 17-21 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 6-11
$332/$282 members

Extended care option available.
The dynamics of the natural world ensure that Lynden's landscape is in constant flux. We can track change by exploring differences in scale, texture, shape, and form. Whether observing an ecosystem up close or hiking through Lynden's fields, whether viewing plants through a microscope or raising butterflies in the pollinator garden, we will seek out change and use watercolor, pressure printing, and paper pulp to interpret our discoveries.

Shared Spaces | 3 Days

July 1-3 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 6-11
$200/$170 members

Extended care option available.
Registration for this camp is closed. Contact
Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
What is art and where can it be? We will expand our definitions by exploring the interactions of plants, animals, art, and people. We will build forest shelters with imaginative interiors, take a weaving hike to map the story of those who share the land, and harvest vegetables from the garden to invent recipes for a campfire barbecue


Pond Voyage | 5 Days

July 15-19 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 6-11
$332/$282 members

Extended care option available.
Registration for this camp is closed. Contact
Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
For aquatic insects, understanding buoyancy, surface tension, and propulsion is key to survival. We will adapt this knowledge as we construct floating sculptures, prototypes for the full-sized rafts that will carry us across the pond at the end of the week. Artist-in-residence Arianne King Comer will share her batik-dyeing skills to adorn ourselves and rafts with colorful bandanas and nautical flags.

Pathways | 5 Days

July 22-26 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 6-11
$332/$282 members

Extended care option available.
Registration for this camp is closed. Contact
Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is one simple path with no dead ends that leads to a center that is both an end and a beginning. We’ll compare artist-in-residence Jenna Knapp’s labyrinth to other pathways and ecological systems we find in the natural spaces and among the sculptures at Lynden. Patterns, pathways, and entanglements will be revealed through sensory investigations in screen printing, clay, and paint.

Nets + Webs | 5 Days

August 12-16 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 6-11
$332/$282 members

Extended care option available.
Registration for this camp is closed. Contact
Jeremy Stepien to be added to the wait list.
What could an artist, a scientist, and a spider have in common? Marsha McDonald’s use of strategically-placed nets to collect materials for her Lynden residency project reminds us that arrangements and processes are shared across art, science, and nature. We’ll cast our own nets into the pond to collect materials for an aquarium, map sounds in listening circles, and build artful clay shelters to observe insect life in our own backyards.


Whittlers: Wood Culture | 5 Days

June 24-28 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 10-15
$360/$310 members

Online registration is closed. Register by phone at 414-446-8481.
There is a unique pleasure in working sustainable natural materials with simple hand tools, a pleasure shared by whittlers everywhere. We will use rasps and files to shape hardwood handles for our own fixed-blade carving knives, and then head to Lynden’s back acres to select buckthorn saplings and learn green wood carving techniques. You'll walk away with a staff, as well as a carving tool and new skills that will enable you to continue your whittling adventures at home. Returning whittlers welcome.

Writers in the Garden | 5 Days

In collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Writing Project
July 8-12 | 9 am-4 pm
Ages 10-15
$332/$282 members

Aspiring writers are invited to join National Writing Project teacher leaders and Lynden staff for a writing experience at the intersection of art and nature. Build a supportive writing community as you explore a variety of creative writing genres, investigate Lynden’s collections and back acres, and engage in the entire writing process from brainstorming and drafting, to providing and receiving feedback, revising, and editing.

Registration, Fees & Policies

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Extended Care Options
$7 per day, or $35 for the week.
If you need to pick your child up after 4 pm, we offer extended care from 4-5 pm for the full-day camps indicated in the schedule, above. Pre-registration is required.

Tuition Waivers
Lynden is committed to making its programs available to all. Need-based tuition waivers are available.Contact Jeremy Stepien at (414) 446-8481 or for an application form.

Refund Policy
There is a $35 administrative fee for all refunds issued up to 14 days prior to the first day of a camp. No refunds are made after that period.

Cancellation Policy
If a camp is filled to capacity, or cancelled due to low enrollment (this will be determined 14 days prior to the first day of a camp), your registration fee will be refunded in full.

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