Ashley Morgan: Let's Build Something Together

Ashley Morgan - How to Make a Snow Brick Print

Ashley Morgan
Let’s Build Something Together, 2014
snow, building materials, collaboration

“Let’s Build Something Together”
- Lowe’s Home Improvement Store slogan, 2006

In much of my past sculptural work, I have explored ideas around building a domestic space, maintaining a sense of control, and leading viewers towards an experience of comfort. However, the unique opportunity to work in the indoor/outdoor nAbr Gallery space, the very snowy Wisconsin winter, and this event’s timing with the Lynden Sculpture Garden’s Winter Carnival have taken my interests in a different direction. For the first time, I am asking others to work with me to build a place of shelter. By working collaboratively with anyone who chooses to help, by allowing others to shape the work, and by relying on the natural snow as a central building material, we will achieve uncontrolled and unanticipated results.

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