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Proceeds from the sale of T-shirts, notecards, pins and catalogues support Lynden's education, conservation and publication programs.

Shipping costs $5 for orders of 1-2 items; $10 for orders of 3 items or more. If you'd prefer to pick up your order, please select "Pickup" as your shipping method during checkout, and we will be in touch when your order is ready.

Lynden T-Shirts

Designed by artist Sara Caron, Lynden T-shirts are available in 4 adult and 4 youth sizes (limited color selection available per size).
t-shirt-blue t-shirt-orange t-shirt-detail

Color (if applicable)

Lynden Notecards

$12/set of 8 cards
These notecards drawn by artist Sarah Luther show different Lynden scenes throughout the seasons.
IMG_1817 IMG_1819 IMG_1821

Big Lake Enamel Pins

Artist Sara Caron designed these pins, based on the Big Lake at Lynden.
designed by Sara Caron designed by Sara Caron

Rosemary Ollison: Beyond Fashion Drawings by Christiane Grauert

$10/set of 5 notecards
Rosemary Ollison: Beyond Fashion Drawings by Christine Grauert

Kathleen Kelly Notecards

Large: $4.50 per card; small: $3.50 per card
Kathleen Kelly notecard - large Kathleen Kelly notecard - small

Kathleen Kelly Notecards

Exhibition Catalogues

Dan Torop: Frozen Period
IMG_1809 IMG_1811 IMG_1812

Inside/Outside catalog Inside/Outside catalog Inside/Outside catalog Inside/Outside catalog

Yevgeniya Kaganovich: grow
$10 (limited edition of 100)
IMG_1815 IMG_1816

Paul Druecke: Garden Path
IMG_1836 IMG_1837 IMG_1838

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