nAbr Gallery: Patrick Sharrow - Outstrip {EZ "Illustrated"} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary

March 23, 2013 - May 12, 2013


Opening: March 23, 2013, 1-4 pm

New work by Patrick Sharrow:

Outstrip {EZ “Illustrated”}#Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary, a solo show by Patrick Sharrow, opened at nAbr gallery on the grounds of the Lynden Sculpture Garden on March 23, 2013. nAbr gallery is interested in working with the special conditions imposed by the outdoor location at Lynden, but we're still learning. Sharrow made his prints on polystyrene, the same material used for parking signs. However, the wintery weather, particularly the wind, was more extreme than anticipated, and part of the show has been removed due to damage. To see further images of the show fully installed please visit

commercial method, fine art, and civil-issue broadsides,
printmaking is uncommonly used without practicality or
Outstrip {EZ
#Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary raises a common question
among printmakers, where and why does this work exist? Outstrip
is the work of Patrick Sharrow, hosted by nAbr Gallery
inside the Lynden Sculpture Garden. The show consists of
digital prints on polystyrene. Sharrow’s choice of
material provides an availability of location to show the
work; while exercising the same material used for No
Parking signs, action figures, and most bathtubs. The
pieces are waterproof, have a 22 year guarantee, and can
be vacuum formed to any shape this side of Heaven. Placed
within the open ceiling of nAbr Gallery, Outstrip{EZ
natural light, integrity, and all dogs!

About the Artist
Patrick Sharrow is an artist based in Superior, Wisconsin. While studying printmaking at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, he embraced multiple ways of producing art, from traditional print processes to installation, digital media, and animation. His work has been included in numerous group shows in Milwaukee including Jackpot Gallery, Borg Ward Collective, Center, and Small Space and at the Regis Center for the Arts at the University of Minnesota.His work is in several private collections as well as the Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. In January 2013, Sharrow had his first solo exhibition, Half/Life, at Ochre Ghost Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota. Learn more about Sharrow’s work at,, and

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